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Join the thousands of people pledging to watch ESCAPE FIRE! Get the film on DVD or iTunes and then start organizing your friends, family and coworkers to watch ESCAPE FIRE together. Or click here to find a screening near you.

An "Escape Fire" is an unconventional or counterintuitive solution to a difficult problem. To survive approaching forest fires, firefighters will burn the grass around them to create a fuel-free safe spot. We need escape fires to fix our broken healthcare system now!



Meet Other Advocates for Change

Carmie Lynch

I Pledged to See Escape Fire On iTunes and DVD

Carmie Lynch  Brackenridge, Pennsylvania
Modestine Powers

Empowering Communities to be Healthy 

Modestine Powers  Kansas City, Missouri
Joe  Manzo

As a nursing student, I pledge to spend more time on patient education. 

Joe Manzo  Kansas City, Missouri
Becky Roberts

I Pledged to See Escape Fire On iTunes and DVD

Becky Roberts  Richmond, Virginia
Kyla Brown

Acupuncture for pain managment intead od overmedication  

Kyla Brown  Liberty, Missouri
Micaela Lynch

As A Nursing Student, treating for what the patient needs and not just wants 

Micaela Lynch  Liberty, Missouri
Micaela lynch

As an Nursing Student, Treating For What The Patient Needs Not What They Want 

Micaela lynch  Liberty, Missouri
Alix  Weigel

Regular Exercise 

Alix Weigel  Berryton, Kansas
Elizabeth Ciccantelli

Living from the heart. 

Elizabeth Ciccantelli  Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Tory Davis

Focus on Deity  

Tory Davis  Liberty, Missouri
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