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An "Escape Fire" is an unconventional or counterintuitive solution to a difficult problem. To survive approaching forest fires, firefighters will burn the grass around them to create a fuel-free safe spot. We need escape fires to fix our broken healthcare system now!



Meet Other Advocates for Change

Robyn Housemann

I Pledged to See Escape Fire On iTunes and DVD

Robyn Housemann  Cheshire, Connecticut
Alex Steinkamp

using holistic nursing to treat instead of medications  

Alex Steinkamp  Savannah, Missouri
kathleen Muehlbach

I Pledged to See Escape Fire On iTunes and DVD

kathleen Muehlbach  Overland Park, Kansas
Tara McKenna

I Pledged to See Escape Fire On iTunes and DVD

Tara McKenna  sanbornville, New Hampshire
Brittany Molter

providing incentive for health promotion practices 

Brittany Molter  Indianapolis, Indiana
Mallori Walker

Decreasing the hospital readmission rate of children with asthma 

Mallori Walker  Lafayette, Indiana
Kelsey Drasga

Developing Educational Programs Focusing on Healthy Intimate Relationships 

Kelsey Drasga  Crown Point, Indiana
Tara Zegaczewski

Promoting Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents 

Tara Zegaczewski  Dyer, Indiana
Mel Blanc

Promote healthier lifestyle choices to those in my circle.  

Mel Blanc  Dover, New Hampshire
Katerina Jones

preventing fad diets 

Katerina Jones  Cramerton, North Carolina
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